March 2021

Login Screen

The login screen has changed on the main desktop site ( and most noticeably on the mobile app. Note: the landing screen's design has not changed. 

New login screen           New mobile login screen.

Security Questions

The security questions feature is no longer available. All MFA options will default to the member's contact email address and\or phone number, if marked as Preferred within online banking. Member can see which option is set as their preference by going to "settings". This is also where updates can be made. 

Business Banking

Sub users now have the ability to view eDocs with the correct permissions granted:

  • The Master User will go to the Business Admin widget and then click on the Roles tab.
  • The Master User will edit permissions by clicking on the pencil.
  • The Master User will check the box next to view eDocument and save changes.

The next time the sub user logs in with their credentials, they will need to click the eDocs widget. The sub user will need to subscribe to receive eStatements.